Wednesday, October 7, 2009

exploding pumpkins

In the 1800's, farmers began to dabble in the art of growing giant pumpkins. Apparently since this time, through breeding hubbard squashes with types of large orange pumpkins, the pumpkin breeders and hobbyists have arrived at a species of giant pumpkin, known as the Atlantic Giant or curcurbita maxima.

But according to NPR, a "bizarre phenomenon has been plaguing New England--exploding pumpkins." These giant pumpkins grow so fast that explode, often in the middle of the night.

Think about that the next time you deign to walk in a giant pumpkin patch at the midnight hour.

Apparently, there is an entire world unknown to me about giant pumpkins. Not only have they been invovled in countless growing contests, but they also have nautical uses. One man has carved himself a ship out of a pumpkin. Roald Dahl must have known about this.

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