Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Girls don't say cool things," in review

When I am feeling bored, or restless, or lonely, or, as the circumstances are now--dying of heat stroke--I occasionally read people's livejournals. They're mostly people I knew once and am no longer friends with. This is almost always a mistake.

A guy I went to high school with, we'll just call him FARTE, has spent the last five years attending college, developing a severe alcohol problem, and trying to commit suicide. Other activities include: getting kicked out of his apartment, hitting his stepfather, and going to jail. Hm. Once (before the jail thing) he drunkenly texted me telling me he NEEDED TO SLEEP ON MY FLOOR, and when I told him no, he told me HE WAS GOING TO FIND MY LAWN AND SLEEP ON IT. I wasn't really too worried, since I don't think he could even remember where I lived given the constancy of his drunken stupor, but still. Later in his livejournal he recounted the event, with a "fuck you" addressed to me. Please note that the bastard hadn't tried to contact me for years.
Anyway, I just read it again, seeing as it's been a while, and he has a post in which he states that though he doesn't "like" being a sexist, he has accepted that he is one. He then goes on to explain that girls don't ever say anything worth remembering, the exception to this rule being two statements he records...only one of which is actually insightful (i.e. "farte, you are an emotional black hole.")

What a dick. a dick face. I bet girls said a bunch of great thing that either sounded a little too poignant to him, or that he was too drunk to remember.

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