Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I went to a lake last week to go camping. It's a state park and very large; there are trails and ponds and bridges, etc. There were animals everywhere, including

three deer ` a harry woodpecker ` a beaver ` a woodchuck ` seagulls of course ` chipmunks ` cardinals ` a raven! ` two foxes

The foxes were particularly exciting. I saw one fox seven years ago, but two is special. They were crossing the rt 31 at dusk to get a drink from the lake.

There was also an old covered bridge from the 19th century when the park was a private home. There were names carved into the walls. Lots of hearts with one + one other, and a few slanders mixed in, like "Mike G. is Gay."

Cooperstown is definately a homophobic place. Or at least the tourists are. I kissed my girlfriend on the beach and a fat cow in a waterproof moo moo yelled "This isn't a gay beach!" And so I looked at her and she hid her head in her hands. I kissed her again and the woman yelled "Oh my god! Ew!" But she wouldn't look at me.

Later we went into town to get coffees; we were walking and holding hands and after he passed a man said "up next, the homo show." Very orignal, stranger. Hope you're satisfied with yourself.

The woods were very beautiful, but the mosquitos almost bled us dry. It seemed like there were a million little creeks running under every pile of stones and every fallen tree.

The people at the coffee shop and the general store were friendly though. And in the middle of the town there is a beautiful courtyard. My girlfriend said it looked like the ones in Paris, where there are little courtyards are everywhere. I thought it was especially lovely because there were only three colors--green and gray and black.

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